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At Fidelity Charitable, we make it easier for you to help meet your clients' charitable giving goals with the Giving Account, our donor-advised fund.

Everything you need is available from this page.

Giving Account Brochure & Forms

Understand the many benefits of the Fidelity Charitable Giving Account.

The Giving Account (PDF)

Fidelity Charitable can make it easy to contribute special assets such as S-Corp and private C-Corp stock and certain real estate.

Donating Special Assets

The Program Circular contains important policies, procedures, and benefits associated with donating to Fidelity Charitable and setting up and maintaining a Giving Account.

Fidelity Charitable Policy Guidelines (PDF)

Your client can establish a Giving Account online and immediately initiate a contribution to Fidelity Charitable.

Or they can print the application. Complete and sign it, then fax or mail it.

Set Up a Giving Account online

Or print a

Donor Application (PDF)

Your client can log in to their Giving Account or use this form to make additional contributions to Fidelity Charitable in time for year-end.

Contribution Form (PDF)

Your client must submit this form to authorize you, as their financial advisor, to obtain information or perform transactions on their behalf.

You must register online or submit a form to obtain access to your client's Giving Account.

Giving Account Access Form (PDF)

Register online for firm-wide access

Firm Access Form (PDF)

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