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Disaster relief

In times of crisis and disaster, Fidelity Charitable donors have played an essential role in humanitarian relief and recovery. Donors often ask us for guidance to enhance their impact, and these pages are designed to assist in that endeavor.

There are four phases of disaster relief



Goal: Establish order

Timing: Day of disaster – 6 months

Services Needed: Rescue, medical attention, food, water, temporary shelter



Goal: Stabilization

Timing: Day after disaster – 2 years

Services Needed: Food, water, long-term shelter, sanitation, healthcare,return to school and work



Goal: Rebuilding for a better future

Timing: Weeks/months after disaster – 15 years

Services Needed: Engagement of local population in planning and reconstruction of communities


Risk Management

Goal: Emergency risk reduction and prevention

Timing: Ongoing - continuous

Services Needed: Training, policy and procedure creation, relationship building among service providers & communities

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