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Helping those affected by disaster

As disasters become more prevalent, you may be thinking about how you can help. In times of crisis, Fidelity Charitable donors play an essential role in relief and recovery. The resources below are designed to help you support disaster aid in an impactful and informed way. 

Effective disaster support

Disaster support shouldn't happen only in the immediate aftermath of a crisis. Keep these four best practices in mind to be an effective disaster donor even in non-disaster times. 

When disaster strikes

1. Give unrestricted funding

When activating on a crisis, organizations have the most flexibility to respond with unrestricted dollars. Remember that giving money is likely more useful than donating goods, and it gives nonprofits the ability to use resources as needed in rapidly changing situations.  

2. Give multi-year funding

Recovery from a disaster takes years, and needs change throughout the course of recovery. Keep in mind that needs continue long after a disaster has retreated from the headlines. 

Providing ongoing support

3. Consider support beyond a donation

Nonprofits are always looking for volunteers, but the aftermath of a disaster is not the time to approach them. Contact nonprofits when they have the time and capacity to offer the training you’ll need to help.

4. Fund operating costs and capacity building

Effectively running any organization requires the right technology, training, networking, and staff support. Capacity building is rarely funded and critically important. 

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