Open a Giving Account in just 5 minutes

Here's what you need:

  • Social security number for all Account Holders
  • A name for your Giving Account, like “The Robinson Family Gift Fund”

What makes us unique?

Low cost

The Giving Account has one of the lowest annual fees of any donor-advised fund and no minimum to open. With fees typically only 1% of the Giving Account balance, we make giving more cost effective than giving through a credit card or private foundation, so more money goes to the causes you care about.

Easy to donate

We make it easy to turn your portfolio into a life-changing gift. Our team is comprised of experts well-versed in accepting a wide variety of assets to fund a Giving Account, including cash, stocks, mutual funds, bitcoin and more.

Simple to support charities

As soon as your donation is received by Fidelity Charitable and recorded into the Giving Account, you can easily recommend a grant with your donated funds to IRS-qualified public charities with a minimum grant amount of just $50.