Family Philanthropy

Philanthropy can be a powerful way for families to pass along their shared beliefs and values. It can also provide unique opportunities for families to spend time together, collaborate, and learn more about one another. Integrating philanthropic conversations and activities into family life is an excellent way to encourage healthy attitudes about helping others and instill financial responsibility among younger generations. And giving together can be a bonding experience for family members of all generations.

Giving Together

5 steps to engage a family in philanthropy

When deciding how to involve family members in your giving strategy, you will need to consider their ages, levels of independence, strengths, and interests.

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Growing the family philanthropy tree

Learn why cultivating a passion for charitable giving in your children and grandchildren can bring your family closer and lay the groundwork for an enduring philanthropic legacy.

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Start your own tradition

We have put together some tips on how to start your own giving tradition during the holidays - or any family gathering.

Make a family giving plan

FamilyForward: Create a Legacy of Giving is a step-by-step guide that will help you develop a giving plan for your family.