Fidelity Charitable Governance and Board

Fidelity Charitable is governed by a Board of Trustees which is composed of a group of working and retired professionals who are responsible for overseeing all aspects of the operations of Fidelity Charitable, including:


  • Overall stewardship of the organization's charitable mission
  • Responsibility for the prudent investment of assets
  • Due diligence on all donations to and all grants from Fidelity Charitable
  • Review and approval of all contractual arrangements
  • Making policies and procedures designed to ensure that Fidelity Charitable is in compliance with rules and regulations affecting tax-exempt charitable organizations and donor-advised funds

Fidelity Charitable Board of Trustees

Board Committees

Each Trustee serves on one or more committees, sharing his or her management and subject matter expertise through active involvement and accountability:

Audit Committee

Members provide fiduciary oversight of audits, reviewing all financial results of Fidelity Charitable and ensuring compliance with both internal and external legal and regulatory requirements, including public disclosure and IRS reporting requirement deadlines.

Investment Committee

Members formulate the overall investment policies of Fidelity Charitable, establish investment guidelines, and monitor the management of Fidelity Charitable’s entire investment portfolio for compliance with investment policies and guidelines and for meeting objectives over time.

Governance Committee

Members are responsible for the board nomination process, identifying potential trustees with diverse backgrounds in the areas of management and philanthropy.

Trustees' Philanthropy Fund Committee

Members have oversight for a separate grant-making program known as the Fidelity Charitable Trustees’ Initiative, and for approving grants to nonprofits that meet its grant-making criteria.

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For more information about Fidelity Charitable, including annual reports and IRS documents, please visit About Fidelity Charitable.