Charities You Can Support

Charities you can support

Once you set up your Giving Account, you can start supporting charities right away.

Virtually any IRS-qualified public charity is eligible

The Giving Account lets you support virtually any 501(c)(3) public charity. That should include all the charities you support today, with only a few exceptions, such as private foundations. Our online process makes giving easy. The minimum grant is just $50, and you can support as many charities as you like—with more flexibility and better bookkeeping than ever.

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PODCAST: Grant review process

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Charity research tools

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Supporting international charities

You have two options for using your Giving Account to support causes outside the U.S. You can recommend a grant to an American charity that works overseas, or you can recommend a grant to an American intermediary charity that will, in turn, make a grant to your preferred organization for an additional fee.

The following intermediary charities specialize in various regions of the world, and they can help you support the causes you care about.

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