Charities you can support

Once you set up your Giving Account, you can start supporting charities right away.

Recommend grants to IRS-qualified public charities

The Giving Account lets you support most qualified 501(c)(3) public charities, with a few exceptions, with a minimum grant amount of just $50. Learn more about our grant recommendation process and international giving.

How do I recommend a grant?

Use multiple channels (online, phone, mobile app) to access your Giving Account.

Provide your grant recommendation details, such as the charity you wish to support and the grant amount.

Confirm how you would like your grant recommendation to be funded.

Submit your grant recommendation to Fidelity Charitable.

Fidelity Charitable will send approved funds via check or EFT.

Supporting international giving

You have two options for using your Giving Account to support causes outside the U.S. You can recommend a grant to a U.S.-based charity that works overseas, or you can recommend a grant to a U.S.-based intermediary charity that has a direct relationship (or can establish a direct relationship) with non-U.S. based organizations, and will, in turn, make a grant to that organization for an additional fee.

If you are a member of the Private Donor Group, you may have additional options. Please contact your Philanthropic Strategist to discuss.