Compare ways to give

The chart below summarizes all of your options to support international charitable causes.

1Grants recommended must come from Fidelity Charitable account holders and can be made only to organizations outside of the United States that are the equivalent of a U.S. 501(c)(3) public charity.

2Excludes Giving Accounts that have been funded by contributions from a corporation.

3The grantee must be able to prepare and submit reports until the grant has been fully expended. Therefore, Fidelity Charitable will not consider making grants for endowments, capital campaigns, and similar purposes where there is an undeterminable time as to when the grant will be used.

4Grant turnaround time is estimated; actual turnaround time can vary based on the charity.

5Intermediary fees are assessed by the intermediary on the grant to the intermediary. Direct International Grant fees are assessed by Fidelity Charitable directly to the Giving Account.