Give2Asia, Focus: China

Give2Asia, Focus: China

Give2Asia, a US-based 501(c)3 Public Charity, connects corporations, private foundations, and individual donors with local charitable organizations and projects across China. Since its inception in 2001, Give2Asia has facilitated more than $535 million in grants to more than 2,500 organizations across a broad range of issue areas. Give2Asia’s deep local knowledge, rich experience, and specialized local offices offer professional guidance and resources for donors to achieve their philanthropic goals. As a founding member of Myriad, the alliance for borderless giving, Give2Asia is part of a network with partners that make cross-border philanthropy possible around the world.

Make a grant recommendation via Give2Asia

If you would like to support a foreign organization using your Fidelity Charitable Giving Account, you may submit a grant recommendation to Fidelity Charitable to be made to Give2Asia. When entering the dollar amount of the grant, select “Use” and then “Create Your Own” to specify the organization as a designated purpose. If you have any questions, please call Fidelity Charitable at 800-262-6039.

Private Donor Group

If you are a member of our Private Donor Group, additional options for international granting may be available to you. Please contact your Philanthropic Strategist to learn more.