The world today is deeply interconnected and your charitable giving may not always be defined by national boundaries.

The Private Donor Group team can help you achieve your international philanthropic objectives.

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Before recommending a grant, it is helpful to consider:

  • What is the goal of my international philanthropy?
  • Do I want to support a particular charitable sector or region, or a specific organization?
  • How much support should I provide?
  • What is my timeline?
  • Is this a one-time grant recommendation, or is this part of a long-term international philanthropic strategy?

Depending on your philanthropic goals, your Philanthropic Strategist can suggest approaches to best meet your objectives.

A range of options to support international organizations

Fidelity Charitable offers three distinct options for your international philanthropy. You may recommend grants:

  • To U.S.-based charities with a global mission
  • To intermediary charities 
    (these are U.S.-based nonprofits that fund overseas charities)
  • Directly to international charities
    (available exclusively to Private Donor Group members)

If you choose to recommend a direct international grant, your Philanthropic Strategist and our in-house experts will guide you through the process and then confirm with the recipient charity that the grant has been used as intended.

Grants recommended by Fidelity Charitable donors in 2022 in support of international charitable causes:


Grants to U.S. intermediary charities


Grants through the Direct International Grant program


Grants to U.S.-based charities with a global mission

International disaster response

You may wish to make disaster relief part of your charitable giving plan. Your Philanthropic Strategist can help you determine the best way to support disaster response or preparedness.

In addition, Fidelity Charitable provides a range of guidance to help you support disaster relief.