Investment options

There are a variety of investment options for your Giving Account.

The potential for your gift to grow tax-free

When you advise Fidelity Charitable on how you would like your contribution to be invested, it has the potential to grow, possibly providing additional funding for your favorite charities.

Choose an approach to match your goal

Our investment pools offer a variety of choices for your Giving Account, based on your philanthropic goals, preferred types of assets and risk tolerance.

Simplified investment strategies

Asset Allocation Pools offer diversification among multiple asset classes in a single investment pool, with the added benefit of professionally managed target allocation.

Customizable investment strategies

Single asset class pools (index & active) allow donors to create a customized strategy by combining pools to reach specific objectives.

Sustainable and impact investing strategies

Sustainable and impact investing pools offer strategies that consider social and environmental factors while also emphasizing financial returns.

Charitable Legacy Pool

The Charitable Legacy Pool is an “all-weather” asset allocation pool, with exposure to both traditional and non-traditional asset classes, for donors seeking consistent support of charities through regular grant-making.

Charitable Investment Advisor Program

For donors with a qualified minimum balance in a Giving Account who would like to nominate their investment advisor to manage assets contributed to Fidelity Charitable.

Charitable DonorFlex ProgramSM

The Charitable DonorFlex ProgramSM—or DonorFlex— is for donors with a Giving Account with more than $5 million who desire flexibility beyond what investment pools offer. DonorFlex allows donors to recommend that the assets in their Giving Account be invested in hedge funds, private equity funds, mutual funds, treasuries and ETFs.