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Corporate Giving Programs

Giving back matters to you and your employees. Connecting your company values to meaningful action increases both your community impact and social reputation. A thoughtful giving program can help you recruit and retain the best talent in a market where 66% of employees, and 75% of millennials, want their employer to be philanthropic.1 That’s why it’s more important than ever to choose a trusted partner like Fidelity Charitable to help you achieve your philanthropic goals.

1Charitable Giving Survey, MFC September 2020

Make more of a difference with Fidelity Charitable

Why Fidelity Charitable? As the largest donor-advised fund sponsoring organization with 30 years of experience, we have the charitable planning expertise to take your corporate giving programs to the next level.

A powerful vehicle for your corporate giving

Your company’s philanthropic goals matter to us—it’s why the Corporate Giving Account includes dedicated service and multiple investment and grantmaking options to help your company recommend effective and impactful gifts.

A unique benefit for your employees

Offering information about tax-smart giving using a Fidelity Charitable Giving Account can be a powerful addition to your employee benefits package, and a valuable tool for recruitment and retention. 

The Corporate Giving Account

A donor-advised fund for companies, the Corporate Giving Account allows business entities the flexibility to support charities at virtually any time with the resources that work for your company. 

How it works


Contribute a variety of assets including appreciated company stock and qualify for a tax deduction.


Potentially grow the charitable balance with multiple investment options including socially responsible funds.


Give to local, national and international causes now or over time.

Do more with your corporate giving

Support many charities at once with bulk giving options.


Facilitate company giving campaigns.

What it costs

The Corporate Giving Account helps make your company’s charitable giving accessible, simple, and effective. Fees for the Giving Account cover a wide range of added benefits to help you take your corporate philanthropy programs to the next level.



After your initial irrevocable contribution, your company can recommend grants starting at $50 to support the same charities you do now. 


0.015% to 1.04%

The ability for your contribution to be invested and potentially grow tax-free is a key benefit of a donor-advised fund. This fee varies depending on the investment options you choose.

administrative fee

$10,000 + 0.60% of Giving Account balance*

Our annual fee and tiered fee schedule allow us to provide leading technology and services to help you achieve your philanthropic goals.  

Benefits for your company

Empower your employees with tax-smart giving

Complement your corporate giving strategy and differentiate your benefits program when you help your employees give more effectively. Whether you have employees who are preparing for retirement, planning for equity compensation, or facing a high-income year, sharing timely guidance on tax-smart giving strategies—such as using a Giving Account—can add value to their financial plans.

With no minimum initial contribution and one of the lowest fees of any donor-advised fund, the individual Giving Account is an accessible way for a broad base of employees to give back. Help them make a more satisfying charitable plan that aligns with their overall financial goals—all while increasing employee satisfaction, retention and recruitment.

When you’re ready to highlight relevant insights and opportunities for impact with your employees, Fidelity Charitable is here to equip you with complimentary resources such as sample emails and educational information to share in whatever way you communicate best with your employees.