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Corporate giving programs

For Companies

Today’s employees have high expectations: 70% of workers—and 87% of Millennials—want their employer to be philanthropic. But cultivating a purpose-driven workplace with modern charitable benefits and an effective corporate social responsibility program is easier said than done. That’s where we come in. 

Working with Fidelity Charitable can help you attract and retain talent, put your diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) values into practice, and position yourself as a trustworthy, socially conscious brand. With decades of philanthropic expertise and a suite of solutions to fit your unique needs, we can help take your giving programs to the next level. 

How we can help:

Flexible solutions for greater philanthropic impact

Giving is in our DNA. As the nation’s largest grantmaker and donor-advised fund sponsor, we’re ready to support you with solutions that can work together or on their own, depending on your company’s unique philanthropic needs.  

The Corporate Giving Account

A powerful vehicle for your corporate giving

Your company wants to give back, but you don’t have time for complex giving programs or burdensome requirements. Enter our tax-smart donor-advised fund for companies.

Employee giving

A unique benefit for your employees

Level up your benefits strategy and help your employees increase their overall financial wellness with smart giving strategies. Timely charitable education and our donor-advised fund can be a gamechanger for employees, and a valuable tool for recruitment and retention. 

Philanthropic Consulting Program

Expert guidance to grow your company’s giving

Corporate citizenship programs should be authentic, engaging, and impactful, but that’s easier said than done. Our experts are here to help you design and implement best-in-class philanthropic programs aligned with your corporate values and culture. 

The Corporate Giving Account

A donor-advised fund for companies, the Corporate Giving Account allows business entities the flexibility to support charities at virtually any time with the resources that work for your company.

How it works


Contribute a variety of assets, including appreciated company stock and qualify for a tax deduction. 


Potentially grow the charitable balance with multiple investment options, including socially responsible funds. 


Give to local, national, and international causes now or over time.

Benefits to your company

What it costs

The Corporate Giving Account makes your organization’s charitable giving accessible, simple, and effective. Fees for the Giving Account cover a wide range of added benefits to help you take your corporate philanthropy programs to the next level.



After your initial irrevocable contribution, your company can recommend grants starting at $50 to support the same charities you do now. 


0.015% to 0.91%

The ability for your contribution to be invested and potentially grow tax-free is a key benefit of a donor-advised fund. This fee varies depending on the investment options you choose.

administrative fee

$10,000 + 0.60% of Giving Account balance*

Our annual fee and tiered fee schedule allow us to provide leading technology and services to help you achieve your philanthropic goals.  

Empower your employees with charitable education

Between choosing a cause to support, understanding charitable tax deductions, or figuring out how to donate stock, your employees might not know where to start with giving back. Charitable education can differentiate your benefits program, boost your company’s culture of giving, and help your employees make more satisfying financial plans.

We make it easy for you to help your employees achieve their philanthropic goals. You can start by sharing information about smart charitable strategies, including using a donor-advised fund such as the Giving Account—an affordable and tax-efficient way for a broad base of employees to give back. 

How can Fidelity Charitable help? Rely on us to provide free informational resources, ideas for timely outreach, or professionally produced educational webinars. 

Lean on trusted experts for help with your corporate giving

Need help designing or rethinking your corporate giving programs? Our Philanthropic Consulting Program provides trusted strategic guidance and customized solutions, including identifying and evaluating nonprofit organizations, developing or refining employee giving and volunteering programs, creating or managing grant programs, assessing impact, and more.

We can help you define and achieve your philanthropic goals—no matter how straightforward or complex.

Our dedicated team is eager to learn about your unique philanthropic needs and suggest a custom proposal to help you get started.