Giving in the workplace

How companies and employees bring their values to work


It’s time for company values to take center stage

Recent years have seen many workers reconsidering the role of work in their lives. Employees make career decisions for a variety of reasons, but an increasingly popular factor that many consider is whether their work will make a positive impact and whether their company is a responsible corporate citizen. Giving back has long been a part of many companies’ traditions and cultures—but corporate leaders may be surprised at just how important this value is in attracting and retaining talent. 

51% of all employees

are considering changing employers in the next year—with many searching for more meaningful work.

86% of workers

say it’s important to work for an employer with values that align with their own.

Employees value opportunities to give back at work

Workplace giving benefits—corporate-led opportunities for employees to give back—can boost employee engagement, give workers a deeper sense of connection, and play an important role in attracting and retaining talent.

Among employees with access to a workplace giving program:

78 percent

“My company’s values align with my personal values.”

60 percent

“Participating in my workplace giving program gives me a greater sense of purpose at my job.”

28 percent

“Workplace giving programs are a factor in deciding whether or not to stay at my current employer.”

However, 2 in 5 employees wish their employer was doing more when it comes to workplace giving

Companies could improve their workplace giving offerings by:

Promoting programs already available

1 in 4 employees don’t have a clear sense of what their employer offers around workplace giving.

Educating on how programs make a difference

More than half would like to better understand how their donations through the program make an impact.

Evolving programs with employee feedback

Nearly 2 in 5 wish they had more of a say in how their workplace giving programs are run.

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