What it Costs

What it costs

The Fidelity Charitable Giving Account has one of the lowest annual fees and no minimum initial contribution requirements of any donor-advised fund. Total fees for a Giving Account typically amount to about 1% of the balance. That's generally less than the operating costs associated with a private foundation or the fees for donating with a credit card.



Account balance + additional contributions

No minimum



We make charitable giving accessible, simple, and effective. That's why we have no minimum to open an account and offer the ability to support as many charities as you'd like. 

Simplified fees

Administrative fee + Investment fee = Total fees

Annual administrative fee

0.60% or $100

The Giving Account is generally assessed an annual administrative fee of 0.60% or $100, whichever is greater. Administrative fees are tiered* according to the balance in your Giving Account and help us provide leading technology and services, such as:

  • Reviewing and issuing donor-recommended grants to charities
  • In-depth grant due diligence
  • Robust online account portal

  • Mobile app to recommend grants on the go
  • Free access to GuideStar Pro
  • Knowledgeable donor support team

Use this calculator to estimate the annual administrative fees for a Fidelity Charitable Giving Account.  Just enter the Giving Account balance you expect to maintain and select Calculate fee.

Review our Program Guidelines for a full explanation of the administrative fees.

Investment fees

0.015% to 0.97%

The ability for your contribution to be invested and potentially grow tax-free is a key benefit of a donor-advised fund. Fidelity Charitable provides a variety of investment pools to choose from, and each is subject to the varying operating and management expenses of the mutual funds that comprise each pool.


Investment pool expense ratios

Investment pool

Gross expense ratio

Asset allocation pools

Aggressive growth




Moderate growth




Moderate income




Conservative income


Index pools

Domestic stock: total market index


Foreign stock: international index


Bond: U.S. bond index


Single asset class pools

Domestic stock: U.S. equity


Domestic stock: U.S equity access


Foreign stock: international equity


Foreign stock: international equity access


Bond: fixed income


Bond: fixed income access


Bond: short-term fixed income access


Money market


Sustainable and impact investing pools

Sustainable U.S. Index


Sustainable U.S. Index Access


Sustainable International Index


Environmental Impact Access


Charitable legacy pool

Charitable legacy


1The underlying mutual fund investment(s) of the Money Market Pool have an expense cap in place. An expense cap is a limit that Fidelity has placed on the level of the expenses borne by the fund. The cap is voluntary and indicates the maximum level of expenses (with certain exceptions) that the fund would be paying at that time. The Expense Cap may be terminated or revised at any time, which may lower the fund’s yield and return.

Total fee examples

See the hypothetical examples below for how the Giving Account administrative fee and fees from the underlying investments are calculated based on the Giving Account balance.

Account balance

Administrative fee*

Investment fee**

Total fees

Hypothetical investment growth***
















See the Fidelity Charitable Program Guidelines for complete fee details.


*Additional fees may apply for Giving Accounts enrolled in the Charitable Investment Advisor Program.

**Based on investment in the Conservative Income pool for one year. While the investment fees will vary based on the underlying mutual funds, depending on how the Giving Account balance is allocated, the administrative fee is based on the balance itself. The fees in this chart are based on an average annual balance in your Giving Account for one year. If you recommend grants that reduce this amount, the balance in your Giving Account will be assessed accordingly.

***Based on average annual one-year return from the Conservative Income pool for October 31, 2020.  View all pool performance