Charitable Investment Advisor Program

Actively manage your clients’ charitable contributions

For Advisors

The Charitable Investment Advisor Program at Fidelity Charitable allows eligible independent investment advisors to actively manage the Fidelity Charitable assets contributed by their clients and assess a fee for their investment services. With this program, your clients benefit from the simple and effective features of our donor-advised fund program while maintaining your trusted expertise.

How the program works

Donors whose Giving Accounts meet the minimum balance requirement are eligible to nominate a qualified independent investment advisor. 

Since minimums vary, it’s best to call one of our charitable planning experts for more information.

Once qualified, you can manage Fidelity Charitable’s assets in your clients’ Giving Accounts in an open architecture, including alternative assets.1 

When donors are ready to make grant recommendations, Fidelity Charitable will work directly with you to ensure enough funds are available to meet their granting goals.2

Graphic showing how donors and advisors work with the Giving Account.

Program benefits

Benefits for you

As an advisor, you'll be able to:

  • Differentiate yourself by providing solutions to your clients’ charitable giving needs.
  • Provide professional investment management and enjoy increased investment flexibility.
  • Assess an advisory fee for your investment services.
  • Build holistic portfolios that extend charitable giving strategies into overall wealth management plans.
  • Access a dedicated advisor service team to support your unique servicing needs.


Benefits for your clients

By selecting the Charitable Investment Advisor Program, clients gain all the advantages of a Giving Account, as well as these added benefits:

  • Continue to receive trusted professional advice for their Giving Account from their independent investment advisor.
  • Obtain a more customized asset allocation than is currently available through the existing Fidelity Charitable investment pools, which may better match their charitable giving goals.
  • Maintain a comprehensive portfolio that aligns charitable giving with their overall financial plans.

Charitable has established rigorous qualification criteria for independent advisors to ensure that Fidelity Charitable assets are being invested prudently and in accordance with the Fidelity Charitable Mission and Declaration of Trust. Please see The Charitable Investment Advisor Program: Description & Investment Policies and Guidelines for investment policies and guidelines and advisor qualification requirements. The Trustees administer the program, monitor the advisors’ investment performance, and oversee advisor compliance with the Fidelity Charitable Investment Policy and Guideline Statement.

2A portion of the Giving Account balance can be invested in one or a combination of the Fidelity Charitable investment pools in order to enable Fidelity Charitable to efficiently fund grants without the delay caused by having to liquidate advisor-managed charitable balances. Fidelity Charitable will direct the liquidation of advisor-managed charitable balances if a grant recommendation is made that cannot be funded with the Giving Account balance in the Fidelity Charitable investment pools.