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You can make even more
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The Private Donor Group can help.


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Make the greatest impact

You are uniquely positioned to make a positive difference in the world. With the means to generously support your alma mater, fund new medical research, make a significant donation to an international humanitarian cause, or provide a transformational gift to your favorite art museum, you can drive change.

The Private Donor Group at Fidelity Charitable helps you maximize your philanthropic impact today and enhance your legacy for the future.

Your first call in philanthropy

We work with you to refine and execute your mission and develop a strategic plan that achieves your long-term charitable giving objectives. We connect you with individuals, ideas, and innovations to help you navigate the opportunities and challenges that come with sophisticated philanthropic pursuits.


What we do

The Private Donor Group team provides personal philanthropic guidance, unmatched due diligence and technical expertise, and exclusive engagement opportunities with fellow philanthropists.

Philanthropic guidance

Your Philanthropic Strategist is your first call for philanthropic guidance. In addition, you have access to a nationwide network of philanthropic advisors.

Technical and service expertise

Technical experts and a dedicated service team ensure your contributions and grants are processed efficiently.

Engagement opportunities

Connect with individuals, ideas, and innovations. The Private Donor Group offers access to exclusive events and thought leadership.

Family engagement

The Private Donor Group team is committed to fostering family engagement in philanthropy. As a member of the Private Donor Group you have access to many resources to engage your family in your philanthropy.

Focus on the right approach to do more good

The philanthropic landscape is vast and there are many ways to support causes you care about. Whether you’re just embarking on your charitable journey or you’ve been giving for years, the resources below can help you explore your interests and learn more about various approaches to giving.