Your Private Donor Group Philanthropic Strategist and team offer a number of resources to help you develop and refine your giving strategy.

Your Philanthropic Strategist

Your Philanthropic Strategist works with you to develop a strategic plan that achieves your long-term charitable giving objectives. Your Philanthropic Strategist can also connect you with individuals, ideas, and innovations to help you navigate the opportunities and challenges that come with sophisticated philanthropic pursuits.

Your Philanthropic Strategist can:

  • Help you develop your philanthropic strategy
  • Assist with creating a family giving strategy and mission
  • Provide tools and resources to guide your philanthropic journey

  • Introduce you to other donors with similar interests
  • Collaborate with your advisors to achieve your philanthropic goals
  • Advise on domestic and international grant recommendations

In addition, your Philanthropic Strategist provides an annual review of your Giving Account and your philanthropic plan to make sure you’re on track to meet your goals.

To get started developing your philanthropic plan, 
please contact your Philanthropic Strategist.

Philanthropic Advisor Referral Network

If you’re looking to dive deep into a specific issue area or to create a complex philanthropic plan, Fidelity Charitable can provide you with access to a network of philanthropic advisors. A complement to the expertise of your Philanthropic Strategist, a philanthropic advisor provides extensive sector knowledge and can assist with a broad range of services, including:

  • Creating a detailed strategic plan for philanthropic impact
  • Providing sector-specific research 
  • Identifying potential grantees
  • Measuring, evaluating, and reporting on grant effectiveness 

To learn more about if and how a philanthropic advisor can add to your charitable planning, please download our guide or contact your Philanthropic Strategist.

Philanthropic advisors

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Your Philanthropic Strategist

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