Working with your financial advisor

Save time and feel confident knowing that your own trusted advisor is managing your Giving Account on your behalf.

Why designate an advisor

If you already have a financial advisor, he or she can help you take full advantage of your donor-advised fund. You can give them full or partial access to your Giving Account, enabling them to make donations and recommend grants to charities on your behalf. They can even actively manage the invested balance, applying their expertise to help drive higher returns from every donation. After all, if your Giving Account balance grows, that's even more money for the charities you support.

Give your advisor transactional access

Authorize an individual, such as your financial advisor or another approved party, to access your Giving Account, make donations and recommend grants to charities.

Give your advisor investment access

If your Giving Account meets the qualified minimum balance, you may be eligible for our Charitable Investment Advisor Program. It lets your financial advisor not only help you make donations but also manage how your donations are invested.

Are you a financial advisor?

Differentiate your practice and help your clients make the most of their charitable giving.