The Private Donor Group team is committed to fostering family engagement in philanthropy. Philanthropy is a powerful way for families to pass along shared beliefs and values. It also provides unique opportunities for family members of all generations to spend time together, collaborate, and bond.

Family philanthropy resources

As a member of the Private Donor Group, you have access to many resources to engage your family in your giving.

Your Philanthropic Strategist is available to:

  • Help you determine the right way to use the Giving Account with your family, based on your individual circumstances
  • Help you develop your philanthropic legacy plan
  • Help you craft a family mission statement
  • Review your family’s philanthropic goals and accomplishments
  • Provide valuable resources addressing family dynamics, transitions within families, and how to engage the next generation in philanthropy
  • Facilitate philanthropic discussions with your family and heirs

Legacy in Family Philanthropy: A Modern Framework

Legacy is a fundamental consideration in the practice of effective family philanthropy.

Legacy in Family Philanthropy: A Modern Framework Workbook

Find guidance and strategies, as well as stories from giving families and questions for your own reflection.

Family philanthropy guide

FamilyForward: Create a Legacy of Giving helps you create an actionable plan that will allow your family to experience greater confidence, joy and satisfaction in giving.

Next Gen Fellows program

Fidelity Charitable hosts a Next Gen Fellows program designed for emerging philanthropists (aged 18–40). Next Gen provides the next generation of donors insight into their charitable goals, passions, and values while teaching them how to be more impactful with their giving. Private Donor Group members and their families are invited to participate in this exclusive program

Learn more about the program from Next Gen Fellow Gabriela Citrone.

More about the Private Donor Group

Your Philanthropic Strategist

Your Philanthropic Strategist is your first call for philanthropic guidance, assistance in developing legacy plans, and so much more.

Philanthropic network

In addition to your Philanthropic Strategist, you have access to a nationwide network of philanthropic advisors.