Account opening

Opening a client Giving Account

How do I access Fidelity Charitable’s online platform for advisors?

GivingCentral is an online platform that allows advisors easy access to your client’s Giving Account and streamlines your connection to Fidelity Charitable. If you have not accessed GivingCentral before, the two most common ways to access it are: 

  • Wealthscape users – click on Fidelity Charitable on the Services menu in Wealthscape 
  • All others – complete this 5 minute registration process.

My firm utilizes Wealthscape, but I don’t see Fidelity Charitable as an option within the Services Menu.

The required steps involve working with your firm administrator.  That individual should update your entitlements on the G number you use to access Wealthscape so you can access GivingCentral.  Below are the steps for your firm administrator to follow:

From the User ID Maintenance tool. They should select: 

  • WC CGF (to access GivingCentral)

And either:

  • WC CGF View & Transact (transactional access) 
  • WC CGF View & Setup (non-transactional access)

If your Firm Administrator cannot see the Fidelity Charitable entitlements in the Wealthscape User ID Maintenance tool, they must submit the User Administration for Additional Entitlements Form to IWS. They can find the form in the Wealthscape forms library located on the Service menu. If you do not know who your Firm Administrator is, please call your IWS service contact. 

How do I open a Giving Account on behalf of my client?

The fastest way to open a Giving Account for your client is by using GivingCentral.

From GivingCentral, click on the ‘Set Up a Giving Account’ button in the upper right-hand corner.  You will be prompted through a series of short steps to open the account. Use this tutorial as a step-by-step guide.

Once you complete the account opening process, an email will be sent to your client for approval of the Giving Account. If, for any reason, your client does not receive the approval email, they can easily access the online approval page.

You will not be able to see the Giving Account fully until your client approves your access request. 

If account access is not requested during the account opening process, it can be requested at any time from the GivingCentral dashboard.

How is GivingCentral integrated with Fidelity Wealthscape?

Advisors using Wealthscape will have single sign-on links to GivingCentral on the Service and Account menus of Wealthscape. When these links are selected, the advisor will be taken to GivingCentral without having to provide a username or password.

If an advisor selects the Fidelity Charitable link from the Menu tab under Service, they will be taken to an aggregate list of their clients’ Giving Accounts in GivingCentral. By selecting a Giving Account Name, they will be taken directly into that specific Giving Account.