9 simple tips to supercharge your giving impact

Want to make your giving more strategic and purposeful? Have an idea of the impact you’d like to make but unclear on how to get there? As we enter into a season of giving, try one (or more!) of these easy ways to make more of a difference with charitable giving.

1. Get focused

Charitable giving is one area where you don’t always want to stretch your dollars—you want to concentrate them. Often, you can make a more significant impact when you limit the organizations or cause areas you support to a few you really care about, and then make a larger gift to each. Try creating a charitable mission statement to help you focus your efforts.

2. Choose a great nonprofit

It goes without saying that donating to a well-run nonprofit—small or large—will have greater impact on the cause you care about. But how to find one? Begin by doing some basic research using sites like Candid or Charity Navigator, as well as reading materials on the nonprofits’ websites. And go a step further by making sure you know the answers to a few basic questions you should ask every nonprofit.

3. Make unrestricted gifts

Instead of designating your charitable gifts for a special purpose, consider providing general support to an organization you care about. This gives the charity the flexibility to use the funds on their most mission-critical priorities—which will help them do the most good and deliver stronger results.

4. Make a multi-year gift

Found a charity you really love? If you’d like to commit to long-term support, connect with the organization’s leadership. Let them know that you plan to make a multi-year commitment—and how much you plan to give over time. The more that a charity knows about how much support they can expect, the better they can plan how to put your dollars to work.

5. Give together

There are many ways to come together with others to maximize your giving impact. Participating in a giving circle—where multiple people pool their resources to provide nonprofits with support—is a great way to make a larger impact than you could individually. Similarly, bring your family together by starting a giving tradition—like having all family members commit to supporting a common charity through donations or volunteering. 

6. Maximize your giving dollars

You can make your money work harder for good with smart and simple financial strategies. In fact, you may find that you can increase your giving by 20 percent or more—without feeling it in your bank account. Try setting funds aside for giving so it’s a part of your budget, or make use of smart giving strategies such as:

Take some time to research the options and speak to your tax advisor to see if you can make your giving dollars stretch further.

Your smarter giving checklist

What can you do in 5, 10 or 15 minutes to make more of a difference? Check out these 22 quick and easy ideas to maximize your charitable impact.

7. Spread the word

Your voice can be just as important as your wallet in helping to support the causes you care about. Follow great organizations on social media and share posts that showcase their work or educate about the issues. If you can commit the time, agree to help with fundraising or volunteering. Or, you can give specifically to organizations or projects that help to shine light on an important issue, which can lead to greater awareness and additional support.

8. Plug in to your company's giving culture

Many employers offer great benefits for charitable giving, such as matching gift programs—where they match your donations to charities—or incentives for volunteering. Don’t leave that free money on the table! Be sure to explore your benefits page before making a donation to see if your employer will match it. Another way to get involved is to seek out employee resource groups. These groups offer opportunities to connect with your peers on shared characteristics or life experiences, and many host volunteering or other networking opportunities. 

9. Just get started

It’s easy to feel like giving is something you’ll get to later—or to feel as though you don’t know enough about an issue or have enough money or time to make a difference. That’s why the best thing you can do is to take the first step—right now. Choose an organization and send that donation. Sign up for that charitable walk or race. Share a post on social media about a cause you care about. Don’t delay—take action.

Tell us how you plan to supercharge your impact this Giving Tuesday!

Copy this template and make it your own to let us know how YOU plan to supercharge your giving impact this year. Be sure to share your giving commitment on social media!

This #GivingTuesday, I will #SuperchargeMyImpact by (action item) to support (cause area).

Need some inspiration?

What will you do to make an impact this season? And what cause do you care most about? Check out these ideas for impactful giving commitments.

This #GivingTuesday, I will #SuperchargeMyImpact by making an unrestricted gift to support disaster relief efforts across the world.

This #GivingTuesday, I will #SuperchargeMyImpact by volunteering with my family to support our local homeless shelter.

This #GivingTuesday, I will #SuperchargeMyImpact by researching the most effective treatment organizations to support individuals in my community battling addiction.

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