Charitable Giving Tax Savings Calculator

Is "bunching" right for you?

Use our interactive tool to see how charitable giving can help you save on taxes—and how accelerating your giving with the “bunching” strategy can help save even more.

The charitable tax deduction is a powerful tool for saving on your taxes, but it may require some additional strategy to maximize your savings.

With the reduction of many federal tax deductions, charitable giving is one of the only levers you can easily adjust to surpass the standard deduction and increase your tax savings. The Charitable Giving Tax Savings Calculator demonstrates how you could save on taxes and give more to the causes you care most about.

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This calculator is for information purposes only and is not tax advice. Prospective donors should consult their tax advisors with respect to the U.S. federal and state tax implications of a potential donation as well as the application of U.S. federal and state tax laws to their particular situation. This calculator does not take into account all considerations that could be relevant to a donor’s particular situation, including potential limitations on the charitable contribution deduction as well as alternative minimum tax, state and local tax and estate and gift tax considerations.TAX CALCULATIONS AND ASSUMPTIONSThe calculator uses tax rate information that you supply to estimate the potential charitable deductions you may be eligible to take when you file your annual income tax return. The calculator should not be used for purposes of calculating actual tax liabilities or benefits. It is not intended to provide, nor should it be construed as providing, legal or tax advice. It calculates a reasonable approximation of tax liabilities and benefits for any specified year based on information provided by you. The tax calculations performed may not be accurate for tax reporting purposes, so you must rely on the official tax forms mailed to you each year and on your, or your tax advisor's, calculations for tax reporting purposes.The calculator does not account for the treatment of any state, local, foreign or alternative minimum taxes, phase-out rules for deductions, and any charitable deduction limitations based on income. These and other differences between your actual circumstances and such inputs and assumptions may lead to materially different results than those produced by the calculator.The tax information above is based on best available information and may be subject to change. The calculator is to be used for information/educational purposes only and should not be used as the single source to base tax and charitable donation decisions upon. Please consult with your tax advisor when making decisions pertaining to your specific situation.See the full calculator methodology