3 ways to get your giving summer ready

These smart tips and tools can help you continue to support the causes you care about with ease this summer.

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Summer often means a refreshing break from routine and a time for discovering new things. At the same time, with fewer volunteers and contributions coming in than during any other time of the year, many nonprofits experience “summer slump” just as their needs hit year-round highs. In fact, Fidelity Charitable receives the lowest number of grant recommendations in the month of August, when many donors are on summer vacation. But with the help of a few smart tips and tools, you can continue to support the causes you care about, no matter where you are, and at just the right time.

1. Prep for vacation readiness by setting up recurring grant recommendations so you can “set it and forget it.”

If you’ll be traveling or otherwise engaged this summer, consider setting up recurring grant recommendations to your favorite charities. The charities can benefit with improved cash flow, particularly during those traditionally thin summer months, and you’ll have all the details taken care of while you vacation worry-free. Best of all, it’s simple to set up recurring grant recommendations in your Giving Account. Just choose the organizations you want to support, fill in the amount and dates, and you’re done. Plus, you can edit a recurring grant recommendation at any time. It’s similarly easy to set up automatic contributions into a Giving Account from a checking or brokerage account.

Making a recurring grant recommendation

2. Enjoy every moment—and provide your support in the moment.

Perhaps you and your family will share a memorable experience together at a zoo or aquarium this summer. Or you plan to spend every Thursday at a wonderful outdoor concert series. Or you’ve traveled to a new location and were struck by a need in that community, whether for medical care or refreshed parks. Summer is a time for discovery, and sometimes that means uncovering a new way you can make a difference. So what can you do when you wish you could make a grant recommendation on the spot? Download our free iOS app, and you’ll have the power of your Giving Account right in your pocket. You can search for charities and support a cause the moment you discover it. (If you don't have an iOS device, it's also easy to recommend a grant from your phone on our mobile-friendly website.)

3. Step up to make a big difference during lean summer months.

Do you have extra time to spare this summer? Many volunteer-heavy organizations see a drop during the summer months, often just as demand goes up. Food banks, for example, get hit hard at this time of year. Many families rely on free or reduced school meals, which aren’t available in the summer. Other causes affected by summer slump include:

  • Homeless shelters
  • Blood banks
  • Alcohol and substance abuse counseling
  • Tutoring
  • Meal delivery programs

Short on time? Supporting any of these causes will have an even greater impact right now.

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