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Benefits of the Giving Account

How it works

1Make your
donation to us

Donate cash, stocks, or non-publicly traded assets to your Giving Account and get your tax receipt.

How much of a tax deduction will I get? How can I maximize it?

When you donate to your Giving Account you can take the same tax deductions as donating to any public charity.

  • If you donate cash, via check, wire transfer or credit card,* you're generally eligible for an income tax deduction up to 60% of your adjusted gross income (AGI).
  • However, if you have long-term appreciated assets, such as stocks or bonds, you have an opportunity to further maximize your deduction. By donating these types of assets directly to charity, you generally won't have to pay capital gains and you can take an income tax deduction in the amount of the full fair-market value, up to 30% of your AGI.
Please note, you cannot use a credit card to donate to Fidelity Charitable.

Yes. Unlike many smaller charities, Fidelity Charitable is well equipped to accept donations of all types of financial assets, including stocks, mutual funds, private business interests and more.

Do I need to maintain a minimum balance?

No. Once you've opened your Giving Account with $5,000 or more, the entire balance can be granted out virtually any time you like. In the meantime, your Giving Account balance will be invested, so it has the potential to grow.

Are there any timing considerations?

To be eligible for a tax deduction this year, you may need to initiate your donation early. While some assets take longer to accept and process than others, our outlined dates are meant to be used as guidelines. Please call us with any questions regarding which assets we accept and the time required for processing.

Contributions must be received by December 31 to be eligible for a tax deduction this year. See all year-end contribution date guidelines.

Do I have to be a Fidelity Investments customer?

No. Anyone can have a Fidelity Charitable Giving Account. However, if you're a Fidelity Investments customer, it's especially easy to donate funds directly from your brokerage account.

2Support charities
you love, now
or over time

You can support virtually any IRS-qualified public charity with the money you've put into your Giving Account.

Can I start giving to charities right away? How do I do it?

Yes. Once your Giving Account is funded, you can start supporting charities right away. It's easy to do online any time, or you can do it by phone, fax or mail.

We call it "recommending grants" because you've already made your tax-deductible donation to us.

Can I support any charity I want?

We make grants to virtually any 501(c)(3) IRS-qualified public charity—that means everything from your alma mater to your local church. You can even support international causes.

I donate to the same charities every year. Can I set up automatic donations?

Yes. Setting up recurring grants is easy, and you can edit a recurring grant at any time.

3Grow your

While you're deciding which charities to support, your donation can grow based on how you tell us you would like it to be invested, so your Giving Account can potentially have even more money for charities.

How is my donation invested?

We invest your donation based on the investment options you recommend. We offer a wide range of investment options to help our donors meet their philanthropic goals.

How do I know which investments are right for my charitable goals?

Like with any investment strategy, diversifying assets in a Giving Account with a suitable asset allocation is critical to help donors meet their specific charitable goals. From asset allocation pools, which offer diversification through an all-in-one, risk-based approach, to both passive and actively-managed broad market investments, we have something that will meet your specific investing style. We also have sustainable and impact investing options for those donors that want exposure to strategies that consider social and environmental factors, while also emphasizing financial returns.

You can also give your advisor access to your Giving Account to help you decide.

Can my Giving Account lose money?

Yes. Just like any investment, invested donations depend on market performance. A diversified investment approach can help manage risk in your Giving Account and rebalancing is an important key to maintaining the most appropriate risk level, based on your charitable goals, over time. The Asset Allocation pools offer diversified all-in-one investment options, based on your risk tolerance level and time horizon, and are automatically rebalanced—taking the guess work out of the asset allocation decision process for our donors. Keep in mind that any decreases will not affect your tax deduction, as you would have already made a deductible contribution to Fidelity Charitable.

Is there someone who can help me manage all this?

Yes, we have a number of resources available to help guide your investment recommendations regardless of your situation and charitable goals. Our Asset Allocation pools are all-in-one investment options that are professionally managed and available to all donors. For help in determining the right Asset Allocation pool for your goals, we created the Pool Selector tool. Plus, if you’re planning contribute $250,000 or more, you’ll be eligible for our Charitable Investment Advisor Program, which allows you nominate your own financial advisor to manage your Giving Account’s investments.

Are there any other investment options beyond the Investment Pools?

The Charitable DonorFlex Program—or DonorFlex—is for donors with more than $5 million in their Giving Account who desire flexibility beyond what investment pools offer. DonorFlex allows donors to recommend that their Giving Account assets be invested in hedge funds, private equity funds, mutual funds, treasuries and ETFs.

What it costs


initial donation

You can open a Giving Account with as little as $5,000. You don't have to maintain a minimum balance, and you can start supporting charities right away.

$100 or 0.6%*

administrative fee

This administrative fee is based on your Giving Account balance and covers our costs, like processing transactions and providing donor support. The more in your Giving Account, the lower the percentage.

* whichever is greater

0.015% to 1.11%

investment fees

These are the mutual fund fees based on how your donation is invested, just like any other account that has the potential to grow.

See what these fees could mean for you

Account balance

Administrative fee

Investment fee*

Total fees

Hypothetical investment growth**

(minimum initial donation)


















































*Based on investment in the Conservative Income pool for one year. While the investment fees will vary depending on how the Giving Account balance is allocated, the administrative fee is only based on the balance itself. View all investment options **Based on average annual one year return from the Conservative Income pool for March 31st, 2019. View all pool performance
The fees in this chart are based on an average annual balance in your Giving Account for one year. If you recommend grants that reduce this amount, the balance in your Giving Account will be assessed accordingly. The administrative fee is assessed by Fidelity Charitable and covers our costs, whereas the investment fee is dependent on the underlying fund(s) in each pool. Additional average annual returns:

Conservative income

Average annual

1 year

3 years

5 years

10 years

Conservative income
Average annual





Conservative income
Average annual
Underlying fund:

Fidelity Asset Manager 20%





1 Pool created 07/01/2011, therefore historic performance is not available for earlier periods. Pool is 100% invested in the underlying mutual fund displayed beneath the pool. Pool results will include a Fidelity Charitable annual administrative fee as described in the Program Circular, and will therefore differ from the results of the underlying mutual fund.

Is a donor-advised fund right for me?

A donor-advised fund like the Giving Account is an easy, inexpensive way to be more strategic about your charitable giving. See for yourself.

Compare ways to give

While writing checks is still valuable in certain situations, contributing to a donor-advised fund lets you take your time researching charities, and donate a variety of assets—not just cash.

What if I have a private foundation?

Private foundations and donor-advised funds each have unique advantages. However, they can also be used together to maximize your giving.

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Why I love my Giving Account

Still not sure if a Giving Account is right for you? Hear firsthand from a Fidelity Charitable donor about why he decided to open a donor-advised fund account and what he likes most about it.

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Do more with your Giving Account

Why Fidelity Charitable?

Join over 200,000 donors who choose Fidelity Charitable to make their giving simple and more effective.


Since 1991, we have been a leader in charitable planning and giving solutions, helping donors like you support their favorite charities in smart ways.

The growth potential of donor contributions is even more impressive. Thanks to Fidelity Charitable investment programs, an additional $5 billion has been made available for charitable giving. That's a distinction matched by few organizations in the U.S.

Low minimums
& fees

Unlike a private foundation, there are no hefty legal fees or complicated administrative tasks associated with a donor-advised fund. You can set it up easily in just a few steps, and you can manage it yourself, or with your financial advisor. It's one of the most affordable, flexible ways to give.

See minimums and fees

Expert support
& service

From world-class service to expertise in handling donations of non-publicly traded assets, we have your charitable needs covered.

Our service team is always happy to answer questions and connect you to resources that can help you achieve your charitable giving goals. You can also tap into our team of lawyers and experts for guidance on how to donate seemingly illiquid assets like private company stock, restricted stock, real estate and more.


With a Giving Account, book keeping has never been easier. You can view your Giving Account history and statements online at any time. You can even keep track of donations you've made outside Fidelity Charitable, so all your giving is organized in one place.

Plus, our mobile capability makes sure you're always connected to the causes you care about. It even lets you recommend grants to charities on the go. It's all part of our approach to simple, more effective giving.


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charities supported

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