Investment options

Fidelity Charitable provides different investment approaches to match Account Holders’ charitable giving objectives:

Investment pools

Fidelity Charitable offers a wide range of investment options with unique objectives and strategies to help our donors meet their philanthropic goals. The investment pools aggregate, or pool, donations from many Giving Account balances and invest those assets in an underlying investment(s). The investment pools typically invest in mutual funds, which are professionally managed and diversified across many different holdings.

  • Simplified investment strategies: Asset allocation pools offer diversification among multiple asset classes in a single investment pool, with the added benefit of professionally managed target allocation.
  • Customizable investment strategies: Single asset class pools (index and active) allow Account Holders to create a customized strategy by combining pools to reach specific investment objectives.
  • Sustainable and impact investing strategies: Sustainable and impact investing pools offer strategies that consider social and environmental factors, while also emphasizing financial returns.
  • Charitable Legacy Pool: The Charitable Legacy Pool is an “all-weather” asset allocation pool, with exposure to both traditional and non-traditional asset classes, for Account Holders seeking to consistently support charities through regular grantmaking.

Charitable Investment Advisor Program

The Charitable Investment Advisor Program allows Account Holders with a qualified minimum balance in a Giving Account to be eligible to nominate their investment advisor to manage assets contributed to Fidelity Charitable.

Charitable DonorFlex Program

The Charitable DonorFlex ProgramSM is for Account Holders with more than $5 million in a Giving Account who desire flexibility beyond what investment pools offer. Account Holders have the privilege of recommending specific investments for their Giving Account.

Learn more about the various investment options available for the Giving Account.

Pool allocations process

Allocation of units

Fidelity Charitable seeks to sell contributed property promptly and allocate the net proceeds of the sale to the Giving Account once they are received.

Net proceeds are defined as gross proceeds less any costs incurred by Fidelity Charitable, including brokerage commissions, federal or state unrelated business income tax, legal due diligence, accounting, tax calculation fees, or valuation costs.

Once net proceeds are allocated to the Giving Account, Fidelity Charitable will purchase the appropriate number of investment pool units. Investment pool units are issued at the next-determined value on the business day that Fidelity Charitable receives the proceeds from the sale of contributed property. The value of a unit at the end of each business day is determined by dividing the value of each Fidelity Charitable pool by the number of units outstanding from that pool. The unit value for each pool for the prior business day is available by logging in to the Giving Account.

Allocation process by asset type

  • Cash equivalents (by check or wire): The number of investment pool units equal in value to the cash-equivalent contribution, less any expenses incurred by Fidelity Charitable
  • Securities: The number of investment pool units equal in value to the net proceeds from the sale of the contributed securities
  • Other property: The number of investment pool units equal in value to the net proceeds received by Fidelity Charitable from the sale of the contributed asset(s)

Important: The value of the donor’s charitable contribution deduction is determined under separate rules and, therefore, the net proceeds and the corresponding value of units allocated to the Giving Account may differ from the charitable deduction allowed or taken.

Allocation of a Giving Account income and value

Income earned by Fidelity Charitable includes interest, dividends, and other investment income, including capital gains distributions from investments in mutual funds, in excess of the operating expenses of Fidelity Charitable. Each pool will be allocated its pro rata share of daily income realized by Fidelity Charitable, which will be reflected in the unit value of that pool. The value of each Giving Account will be the number of units of each attributable pool multiplied by the unit’s current value. The value of a unit for each pool will include realized and unrealized capital gains or losses on the pool’s portfolio investments, as well as undistributed income attributable to that pool.

Pool exchanges

Account Holders and certain authorized advisors or third-party individuals may recommend changes to pool allocations five times per calendar month. Recommendations made after market close, if approved, will generally be performed the following business day.