Appreciated Securities Tool for Fidelity Brokerage customers

Instead of selling the assets and then donating the proceeds, consider contributing the securities directly to a charity — like Fidelity Charitable.

Why give appreciated securities?

You may be eligible to receive a tax deduction for the Fair Market Value of the appreciated securities. You will also avoid paying taxes on the appreciation in value of the donated securities.

This tool helps Fidelity Brokerage customers:

  • See the appreciation of their long-term held securities
  • Model the tax savings they could realize if they were to donate those securities to charity

What this tool shows you

The Appreciated Securities Tool looks through your taxable (non-retirement) Fidelity Brokerage accounts and presents the tax lots of securities that have appreciated, sorted by those with the most appreciation.

By using the Appreciated Securities Tool (“Tool”), you represent that you have read and understand the information in the Methodology. This Tool is designed for educational purposes only, and you should not rely on it as the primary basis for your investment, financial, or tax planning decisions. You may reject or accept the Tool's results as you see fit. Please consult your tax or investment advisor, if applicable. The results generated by the Tool may change over time due to changes in your portfolio or market conditions. You may wish to return to the Tool periodically for updated results. Software problems can occur. As with any software program, the Tool may not operate or deliver the results as intended and we cannot be responsible for errors in functionality.

Ready to get started?

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All you need is your Social Security number and, when you're ready, a $5,000 minimum donation.

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