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Your Team

The Private Donor Group is a dedicated team to support your giving, enhance your philanthropy, and help you make more of a difference for the charitable causes you care about.

Relationship Manager

Your relationship manager is your dedicated point of contact at Fidelity Charitable, working with you and your advisor to provide guidance, insights, and solutions for your philanthropy.

Your relationship manager:

  • Has an in-depth knowledge of your Giving Account
  • Works with you to define your goals, create and implement a giving strategy, and conduct an annual review of your philanthropic plans
  • Shares insights, opportunities, and articles on the philanthropic issues that matter to you
  • Provides guidance on program options and offerings
  • Acts as a liaison with external resources

Meet Your Relationship Managers

Private Donor Group Service Team

You are supported by a premium service team, who provide the highest level of service to assist with day-to-day and year-to-year administration of your Giving Account, including supporting transactions such as grant recommendations, contributions, and pool exchanges. The premium service team understands your Giving Account, your needs, and your preferences, and works with your relationship manager and Fidelity Charitable to support your philanthropy.

The Private Donor Group team looks forward to supporting you as you pursue your philanthropic goals.

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