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A variety of icons to represent barriers to giving and solutions to give more.

Overcoming Barriers to Giving

The influences on donors’ philanthropy and solutions for giving more

Two out of three donors want to give more to charity. So what is holding them back? Overcoming Barriers to Giving, based on a survey of more than 3,200 people who give, explores why donors aren't giving as much as they'd like and what might help them to give more. It also offers tools and strategies for donors at any level to give smarter.

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Two out of every three donors want to give more to charity.

What holds donors back from giving more?



Would give more if their finances allowed it



Would give more if they knew the impact of their donations

Do you want to give more?

These simple ideas can help you.

Most people are not taking full advantage of charitable tax benefits.

Many people are not sure how to evaluate the impact of their giving.

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of nonprofits to learn how your support will make a difference.

Some donors think their gifts aren’t large enough to make a difference.

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Wondering how to make your giving more satisfying and effective? Fidelity Charitable has four simple steps to boost your giving IQ, which will help you give even smarter.

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