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A man walking down the road towards the future of giving

The Future of Philanthropy

The direction of individual giving

How are key trends in philanthropy actually impacting individual donors? Are donors confident that giving can solve problems important to them? Based on a survey of more than 3,200 people who itemize charitable giving on their tax returns, this report explores how donors' personal giving has evolved and what the future of philanthropy might look like based on changing perceptions and generational shifts.

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Giving to solve challenges

Donors identify their top concerns, ranging from meeting basic human needs such as hunger to addressing violence and conflict or protecting and preserving the environment. Can philanthropy solve these issues?

Hunger and access to nutritious food

A school that also meets students’ basic needs

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A box of canned goods

Access to quality basic education

Providing preschool to poor children

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A child's blocks

Access and opportunities in higher education

Sending foster kids to college

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A university building

Protecting and preserving the environment

Recycling hotel soap for hygiene kits

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A bar of soap

Did you know?

Two-fifths of donors believe individuals should do more to fund solutions to society’s challenges.

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More insights into giving

Most donors don’t know about strategies that could help them give more and save on their taxes, according to findings in our report, The Giving Gap.

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