Entrepreneurs as Philanthropists writing on paper

Entrepreneurs as Philanthropists

Understanding entrepreneurs’ unique approach to giving

With more than 27 million privately held businesses in the United States, business founders, owners and investors make up much of the economic fabric of the country. But little is known about how entrepreneurs approach giving. This report provides insight into the qualities and approaches that distinguish entrepreneurs in their philanthropy—from how much they give to how they integrate giving into their businesses.

More than ¾ of entrepreneurs say charitable giving is a critical part of who they are.

See how they’re leading the way in philanthropy.

Entrepreneurs’ median charitable giving is
50% higher
than that of non-entrepreneurs.

3 out of 5
entrepreneurs say their approach to business influences their giving.

How three generations of entrepreneurs give differently

Illustration of three different people

Active Millennials, traditional Boomers and Gen Xers in between: The three generations have distinct giving attitudes, behaviors and values.

Are you an entrepreneur?

These resources can help you maximize your giving.

Hold privately held business interests?

Donating these assets allows donors to give up to 20% more, take a fair market value deduction and provide more support for their favorite charities.

Preparing to exit your business?

Our experts provide five tips to consider when incorporating charitable giving into privately held business succession planning.

Invested in a company undergoing an M&A?

Learn how to maximize charitable impact while potentially reducing tax liability during this time-sensitive charitable opportunity.

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