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City rankings and trends

Which philanthropic causes do donors in specific cities across the country care about most? Geographic dynamics—local culture, history, demographics, economics, environment, and other factors—significantly shape individual giving passions and priorities. These lists explore how donors in Fidelity Charitable’s 30 largest cities—each with at least 1,000 donor-advised funds—support charities across eight different philanthropic cause areas: Arts and Culture, Education, Environment and Animals, Health, Human Services, International Affairs, Religion, and Society Benefit. The city rankings are based on the percentage of local donor-advised funds that recommend grants to nonprofits in each of the eight areas.

Take a closer look at a variety of charitable focus areas, which cities are most active in supporting these areas, and how the individual cities stack up.    


Fidelity Charitable donors recommended grants to a variety of Arts and Culture charities, including museums, performing arts organizations, and public media organizations. 

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Education is the second most popular sector among Fidelity Charitable donors nationwide. Charities supported in this sector include schools and universities, literacy initiatives, after-school programs, and libraries.


Fidelity Charitable donor-advised funds sent support to numerous charities in the Environment and Animals sector, including conservation organizations, zoos, and animal shelters.

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Hospitals, medical research organizations, and health treatment programs are charities that Fidelity Charitable donors prioritized in cities around the country, making Health one of the most popular charitable sectors.


Represented by nonprofits such as food banks, homeless shelters, and youth programs, Human Services was the most popular charitable sector among Fidelity Charitable donors nationwide.

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International Affairs experienced a greater increase of support among Fidelity Charitable donors than any other charitable area. Charities receiving support included nonprofits focused on international development, relief efforts, and human rights. 


Religion is the third most popular sector among Fidelity Charitable donors, with many religious houses of worship receiving strong support across the country

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Fidelity Charitable donors recommended grants to an array of charities in the Society Benefit sector, including those focused on civil rights, community improvement, social advocacy, and volunteerism. 

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