Supercharge your impact

Whether you’re giving time, money, or skills, our resources will help you spark new ideas to make more of a difference.

Practical tips to help you make smarter giving decisions

“Everything helps. It’s hard to go wrong—as long as you do something. You have to accept that you’re not going to be able to address every need. Start with things that are close to your heart and take action.”

Caroline Vannatta | Fidelity Charitable donor

Give more and save more

Who doesn’t like the idea of reducing taxes and also having more to give? That’s exactly why so many generous people are turning to donor-advised funds to support their giving. 

Boost your giving IQ

Wondering how to make your giving more satisfying and effective? Fidelity Charitable has four simple steps to boost your giving IQ, which will help you give even smarter. 

More ideas for smarter giving

Find community-based nonprofits

Smaller, less-established organizations doing local work can be hard for donors to find. Our report, Charting for Impact, shares tips and a discussion guide to help you find organizations that have the potential to significantly impact local neighborhoods and communities.

9 ways to reduce your taxable income by giving to charity

If you’re writing checks to your favorite charities, having a high-income year, selling a business, or nearing retirement, there may be tax benefits you haven’t taken advantage of.

Donor stories

Involve your family in giving

The holiday season is a time for family and friends to gather together. This year, consider how you can bring your family together through giving

Tackle more advanced strategies

Ready to level up your charitable giving with tax-smart strategies or a deeper focus on the issues you care about? We have lots of resources to help you take the next step in becoming a more impactful giver.