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Giving Guidance for COVID-19

Updated October 7, 2021

As the Delta variant causes surges worldwide, many people are seeking direction on how to continue to provide help to those in need. The guidance and resources below are designed to help you identify effective ways to make a difference with your giving in three focus areas: supporting medical needs, protecting vulnerable populations and sustaining all nonprofits.

As the situation continues to evolve, we will continue to update this page with relevant resources and guidance.


Spark Your Impact: A COVID-19 update with the CDC Foundation

Not sure how to best support the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic? Learn more about how giving can aid recovery.

How to help

We’ve identified three critical areas where giving can make the greatest difference in this pandemic. For each area, we’ve identified key ways to help and, working with the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, organizations actively working to provide aid.

medical needs

Needs in this area include support for frontline health staff,  prevention education and vaccine distribution. 

vulnerable populations

Help protect the people who may be affected most deeply by the pandemic. Safety net organizations like food banks need your support now more than ever. 

all nonprofits

Nonprofits are facing an increased demand for service paired with strains on fundraising. Many organizations rely on in-person volunteerism, fundraising events, admission charges or public performances to survive. Continue your support for the organizations you always have.

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