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2016 Giving Report

Insights into Fidelity Charitable donors and the different ways they give

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The 2016 Fidelity Charitable Giving Report is a snapshot of our 132,000 donors and the impact of their support. The Giving Report also highlights the many ways Fidelity Charitable donors give that differentiate them from charitable donors nationwide.

Key report findings

What trends defined donor giving last year? In 2015, important themes emerged around sustained charitable support, the ongoing use of non-cash assets to fund philanthropy, and donors’ focus on family and future.

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Donor profiles

Six Fidelity Charitable donors share how they use their Giving Accounts to organize their giving, engage with family, give more and support charities.

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2016 Fidelity Charitable Giving Report geography of giving map

The geography of giving

Which cities are the biggest supporters of education? What is the difference between charitable support in Boston and Dallas? We look at charitable sector support across 30 metro areas, and profile what giving looks like in different cities.

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How Fidelity Charitable donors are different

See how our donors compare to their charitable peers nationwide

Fidelity Charitable donors are more likely to bring family into giving decisions.

Percentage who make giving decisions with others


Fidelity Charitable donors give more in retirement.

Retired Fidelity Charitable donors compared to retired affluent donors nationwide


Additional insights

Giving and Planning

How do age, life stage and gender impact donors' approaches to planning their giving?

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Donor stories

Stories featuring Fidelity Charitable donors and how they use their donor-advised funds.

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The Giving Gap

Learn about the awareness and use of charitable giving methods and vehicles among affluent and high-net-worth donors.

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