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What you can donate

Fidelity Charitable accepts a wide range of financial assets, from cash and checks to stocks and even non-publicly traded assets like real estate. Turn your portfolio into a life-changing gift.

Stocks & other securities:

  • Publicly traded stocks
  • Mutual fund shares
  • Bonds
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Privately held business interests:

Other non-publicly traded assets:

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1For contributions of complex or non-publicly traded assets, generally fair market value is determined by a qualified appraiser in compliance with the IRS

Donate cash

Donating cash is simple, with several delivery options. When you make a cash donation, you’re generally eligible for a tax deduction of up to 60% of your adjusted gross income. Why is a Giving Account better than writing checks to charity?

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  • Check
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Wire transfer
  • Cash position from a brokerage account

What makes Fidelity Charitable unique?

Unlike most charities, Fidelity Charitable provides a complimentary* service to help you make a charitable contribution of non-publicly traded assets smoothly and efficiently.

In-house expertise

Our dedicated team of experts has 85 years of combined experience. With this unmatched expertise, we turn contributed assets into proceeds for grant making in record time: 65 days on average from acceptance to liquidity.

Huge volume of experience

Every year we receive an average of 500 complex asset contributions, each of which goes through a diligence process leveraging our experts' deep knowledge of IRS rules and regulations.

Critical thinking, credibility, trustworthiness

As a trusted resource, Fidelity Charitable will work with your financial advisor to think through a variety of scenarios, helping to facilitate your charitable giving plan.

*All Giving Accounts are subject to a standard administrative fee. There is no additional charge for contributions of non-publicly traded assets.

Meet our asset experts

When it comes to donating non-publicy traded assets, trust Fidelity Charitable to guide you from beginning to end.

Instead of writing checks

Maximize charitable giving by minimizing taxes

Open a Giving Account

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