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CAF America, Focus: Global

CAF America, Focus: Global

CAF America is a U.S. public charity that has been helping donors achieve their international charitable giving goals since 1992. Within the last 5 years, CAF America has made nearly $440 million in grants to thousands of charitable organizations in more than 100 countries. CAF America’s database of over 225,000 vetted and trusted international organizations enables donors to make grants in an expedited manner. All grants are sent via wire transfer on a weekly cycle, ensuring that your donation is made securely and efficiently.

CAF America typically requires 3-4 weeks to vet a new organization once we have received the required materials from the beneficiary. Our vetting protocols are based on our more than 25 years of navigating challenging regulatory environments across the world, and our risk-based approach protects you from fraud, ensuring that your donation reaches the intended beneficiary in line with all relevant regulations.

In conjunction with our extensive network of advisors in Africa and the Asia-Pacific, and with affiliate international offices across the globe, we have the capacity to reach a great number of relevant local organizations which are best aligned with your charitable giving goals.

CAF America is extremely proud of its long-standing partnership with Fidelity Charitable, and recently recognized them at our 2018 Celebration of International Philanthropy event held during the Heckerling Institute for Estate Planning in Orlando, Florida.

Minimums and fee schedule

Fidelity Charitable donors can utilize CAF America's Advised Gift service to support charitable causes around the world.

Minimum Grant Amount= $50

Minimum Fee Amount = $25

Vetting Fees for charities that are not currently eligible: FREE for grants of $7,000 or more, or $350 for grants under $7,000 (ask your Fidelity Charitable representative whether your organization is eligible)

Vetting Fees for eligible organizations: FREE

Fidelity Charitable Grant

Administrative Fee*

First $10,000 to $200,000


Next $300,000


Next $500,000


Over $1,000,000


*These fees do not include any discounts that may be offered to you as a Fidelity Charitable donor. Please discuss specific fees with CAF America or your Fidelity Charitable representative.

Learn more about CAF America online

  • Visit the CAF America website to learn more about our global grant making solutions
  • Recommend single grants of any amount from Fidelity Charitable to the foreign charities of your choice
  • Subscribe to CAF America News

Contact CAF America

Contact CAF America directly with questions about its global giving solutions and for fee information.

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