Opening a Giving Account

Individuals may open a Giving Account at Fidelity Charitable online. Trusts, estates, and for-profit business entities may open a Giving Account by completing an Organizational Giving Account application.

Existing donors who would like to open an additional Giving Account must complete a donor application, rather than opening the second account online.

During Giving Account setup, donors provide basic information and choose a Giving Account name. The name may be related to a family (e.g., Smith Family Charitable Fund) or a charitable giving purpose (e.g., Clean Water Fund). Fidelity Charitable reserves the rights to modify or decline proposed Giving Account names.

The individual who establishes the Giving Account is the Primary Account Holder and may add up to three additional Account Holders. Account Holders have equal advisory privileges on the Giving Account.

Giving Account types

  • Individual Giving Account: Designed for individuals and their families who want to start a tradition of tax-smart grantmaking
  • Organizational Giving Account: Designed for trusts and limited business entities
  • Corporate Giving Account: Designed for companies that would like to facilitate corporate philanthropy