Account Opening

Account opening

Who is eligible?

Donors with more than $250,000 in an existing Giving Account, or who would like to open a new Giving Account, may nominate their investment advisor to manage assets contributed to Fidelity Charitable.

My firm is already registered, how do I open a new CIAP account on behalf of my client?

Before opening a CIAP account, be sure you have the following information:

  • Information to gather prior to beginning the online process for CIAP Enrollment:
  • Client’s Information including email address
  • Your firm’s Central Registration Depository (CRD) Number
  • Your Firm’s fee schedule for the Managed Account
  • Nominated Advisor Information

Once prepared, log in to Fidelity Charitable’s online platform, GivingCentral. Click on Set Up a Giving Account button followed by the Enroll in the Program button. From there, you will then be guided through the enrollment process.

You can also initiate an initial contribution as well as request access to your client’s Giving Account for future support, but these two steps are optional.

Once you enter the required information, an email will be sent to your client for approval. If, for any reason, your client does not receive the approval email, they can easily access the online approval page.  You will have limited Giving Account access until your client and the Nominated Advisor approves you.

My firm is already registered, how do I enroll an existing Giving Account into CIAP on behalf of my client?

To enroll an existing Giving Account in CIAP, you will need to submit the CIAP Enrollment Application Form. Unfortunately, this cannot be completed online through GivingCentral at this time.

As a reminder, all CIAP accounts must comply with the Charitable Investment Advisor Program Investment Policies and Guidelines.

What are the Investment Guidelines for the Charitable Investment Advisor Program?

The purpose of the Charitable Investment Advisor Program Investment Policies and Guidelines, set forth by the Trustees of Fidelity Charitable®, are to ensure that CIAP Assets are invested in a prudent manner.  Alternative Investments must be approved.

Please refer to the Charitable Investment Advisor Program: Alternative Investment Transaction Request Form for additional requirements, and to submit a request for review.

An Investment Advisor recommending a hedge fund or private equity fund must have extensive prior experience in recommending and conducting due diligence on alternative investments. Investment Advisors are responsible for conducting initial and ongoing due diligence on all alternative investments.

In addition to the guidelines, advisors are required to obtain approval from Fidelity Charitable before purchasing any investments that may generate unrelated business income tax (UBIT). To the extent any UBIT is generated, Fidelity Charitable will generally assess the liability to the Giving Account invested in the UBIT-generating asset.