Appreciated Securities Donation Calculator

Contributing securities directly to Fidelity Charitable could mean reduced taxes for you and more dollars for the causes you support. When you contribute long-term appreciated securities to charity, you have two choices:

  • Sell the securities and contribute the proceeds to charity (and pay any associated capital gains tax), or
  • Contribute the securities directly to charity – the charity receives the full proceeds from the sale, and you avoid capital gains tax.

When you contribute securities to Fidelity Charitable, the full proceeds from the sale of the shares is credited to your Giving Account and is then available to you for charitable giving purposes. To see the potential impact of such a contribution, try using this calculator.

Click Calculate to view a chart that compares the after-tax benefits of contributing long-term appreciated securities versus selling the securities, and contributing the proceeds of the sale.

NOTE: This calculator is not designed to show the value of securities without appreciation.

How to use the calculator

Enter the estimated fair market value of the shares you would like to contribute, your federal marginal income tax rate, your federal long-term capital gains rate and the cost basis of the shares you are contributing.

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Important information

What is the actual benefit of contributing your securities to Fidelity Charitable?

You reduce your taxes by an extra and the charity receives an additional .

  Contribute securities
to Fidelity Charitable
Sell securities
and donate proceeds
Fair market value of proposed donation
Long term capital gains tax paid
Charitable contribution / your charitable deduction
Total donor tax savings1

Important information

1Total Donor Tax Savings reflects the federal income tax deduction less any long-term capital gains tax paid. It does not account for any state and local taxes, alternative minimum tax, or limitations to itemized deductions that may be applicable to taxpayers in higher federal income tax brackets. Additionally, tax savings may be larger than realized if the size of your deduction causes your taxable income to fall below the bracket floor for the federal marginal income tax rate you provided. The federal income tax and long-term capital gains tax rates depicted in the Appreciated Securities Donation Calculator are values that are based on best available information and may be subject to change in future. Rules and regulations regarding charitable tax deductions vary at the state level. In addition, certain rules and/or other limitations may apply based on your individual circumstances. The Appreciated Securities Donation Calculator does not take into consideration any limitations on itemized deductions that may apply to certain taxpayers. The Appreciated Securities Donation Calculator is to be used for information and educational purposes only and should not be used as the single source to base tax and charitable donation decisions upon. Please consult with your tax advisor when making decisions pertaining to your specific situation.