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Family Giving Traditions

The holiday season is a time for family and friends to gather and give thanks – it’s also the perfect opportunity to give back. This year, Fidelity Charitable is inspiring families across the country to start a new annual tradition of putting the giving in your holidays. The below resources can help spark new ideas for traditions that will enable your family to give with greater joy and impact.

Strong giving traditions matter

Our research shows that those who grew up with strong giving traditions are more likely to:

Charity illustration

Give more to charity

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Describe themselves as a very happy person

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Consider their core family as being very close

Giving together

5 steps to engage a family in philanthropy

When deciding how to involve family members in your giving strategy, you will need to consider their ages, levels of independence, strengths, and interests.

Growing the family philanthropy tree

Learn why cultivating a passion for charitable giving in your children and grandchildren can bring your family closer and lay the groundwork for an enduring philanthropic legacy.