Our donors led with generosity in 2019—again making Fidelity Charitable the nation’s largest grantmaker. The Fidelity Charitable Giving Report tells the story of our nearly quarter million donors and how they used their Giving Account to make an impact in 2019.


In 2019, Fidelity Charitable made

$ 5,236,358,731

in donor-recommended grants,
an unprecedented 39% increase from 2018

60 percent

Grant recommendations that were designated “where needed most,” giving nonprofits the flexibility to apply funds to their most mission-critical priorities.

10.8 more grants

Fidelity Charitable donors are engaged and committed to their favorite causes, with the average Giving Account recommending more than 10 grants.

 Three quarters of grant dollars distributed to charities within five years.

Donors are actively engaged in grantmaking, with three-quarters of grant dollars distributed to charities within five years.


62 percent

Non-cash assets accounted for the majority of donor contributions

Many donors made the tax-efficient move to donate strategic non-cash assets in 2019, like stocks and mutual funds, private equity, restricted stock and more.


Investment growth chart

Robust economic conditions fueled exceptional growth in dollars for charity

A strong stock market in 2019 fueled steady gains for many Giving Account balances. Investment growth has generated nearly $11 billion in additional dollars for charity.

Young woman laughing and holding phone at dusk


Trending topics in grantmaking illustrate donors’ focus on responsive giving

The themes that emerged in 2019 grantmaking reflect the news stories and world events that garnered significant donor attention—and granting dollars.

American flags in a field to represent supporting American veterans and first responders

Supporting America’s veterans and first responders

Red macaw to represent endangered ecosystems

Protecting threatened ecosystems as they face catastrophe

Young adults in office to represent balanced journalism

Promoting civil discourse with balanced journalism

Aftermath of hurricane to represent natural disaster response

Responding when natural disasters strike

Read more about these record-setting results and how our donors are using their Giving Account to make an impact.

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