The 2019 Fidelity Charitable Giving Report is a snapshot of our more than 200,000 generous donors—their approach to philanthropy, the organizations they support, and how they made more of a difference in 2018.


In 2018, Fidelity Charitable made

$5.2 billion

in donor-recommended grants,
17% increase from 2017.

Grant recommendations that were designated “where needed most,” giving nonprofits the flexibility to apply funds to their most mission-critical priorities.

Unique nonprofits supported by our donors, representing a broad range of charitable causes in every state and around the world.

The average Giving Account recommended more than 10 grants, nearly twice the average 10 years ago.

C O M P L E X  A S S E T S

Contributions of non-publicly traded assets hit $1 billion milestone.

Fidelity Charitable’s expertise in the donation of non-publicly traded assets has helped facilitate the growth of these tax-efficient contributions, converting more than $6 billion in non-publicly traded assets into dollars for charity since inception.

I M P A C T  I N V E S T I N G

Donors are looking to make more of a difference with impact investing.

Impact investing exemplifies the idea that one can “do well by doing good” with one’s investments. More donors are choosing to more closely align their investment choices with their values and support impact investing nonprofits.


Grants made to impact investing nonprofits


Giving Account assets allocated to impact investments

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