Nonprofits serving people of color

 Promising nonprofit organizations led by or closely connected to the communities they aim to serve often face challenges in terms of recognition and funding, despite their track record of community impact.

Among promising early-stage nonprofits, the revenues of Black-led organizations are 
24% smaller 
than the revenues of their white-led counterparts.1

The unrestricted net assets of these Black-led organizations are 
76% smaller 
than white-led organizations.1

White-led nonprofits are also more likely to receive corporate donations 
71% compared to 58% 
for Black, Indigenous, and other people of color nonprofits.2

Learn • Connect • Give

These curated resources have been collected to assist the growing number of donors who have requested guidance on how to incorporate an equity lens into their individual giving strategies.

Learn through resources offered by trusted leading sources

Hispanic and Latino/a community

Hispanics in Philanthropy – HIPGive is a platform of projects, organizations, and giving circles where donors can choose to show their support for the Latinx community

Black and African American community

Black-founded nonprofits – curated by Charity Navigator and Giving Gap

The 2024 State of Black Nonprofits Report – published by Giving Gap, underscores the pivotal role of Black-founded nonprofits as service providers, agents of positive change, and champions of racial equity and justice.

Indigenous and Native American community

Native Americans in Philanthropy promotes equitable and effective philanthropy in Native communities with networks that include Native professionals in philanthropy, elected tribal leaders, Native youth leaders, Native philanthropic executives and board members, and Native nonprofit leaders

First Nations Development Institute – “Philanthropy in Indian Country” Knowledge Center

Indigenous peoples nonprofits – curated by Giving Compass  

Being a Good Relative: A Guide for Individuals and Organizations to Support Native-Led and -Controlled Initiatives (PDF) – A First National Development Institue guide for individuals and organizations to support Native-led and Native-controlled initiatives

Connect with others to give for greater impact

Decolonizing Wealth Project logo

Decolonizing Wealth Project

Offers truth, reconciliation, and healing resources through education, reparative giving, and narrative change. You can join their Liberated Capital giving circle to move funding to Black, Indigenous, and other people of color communities.

Donors of Color Ntwork logo

Donors of Color Network

A cross-racial community of donors of color—a home for donors committed to building the collective power of people of color. Members can learn from workshops, nonprofits, and each other about how they can drive systems change and advance racial equity.

Reflection Point

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Martin Luther King Jr.