Debris from a destructive tornado

How to help: Mississippi tornadoes

Updated April 4, 2023

On March 24, a series of powerful storms and tornadoes—including at least one tornado with winds of up to 200 miles per hour—struck the Mississippi Delta region of the southeastern United States, resulting in numerous fatalities and widespread destruction. The largest tornado touched down in western Mississippi, crossed the state, and moved into neighboring Alabama. It created a path of damage that killed more than 25 people, injured dozens, and left hundreds of residents displaced and homeless. The violent twister, which had a maximum path of over three-quarters of a mile and lasted for over an hour, leveled houses and businesses, flattened entire neighborhoods, overturned automobiles, toppled trees, and caused widespread power outages. 

Immediate needs include search and rescue, shelter, food and water, emergency supplies, debris removal, and rebuilding damaged homes and infrastructure. Full recovery will take years. 

How to help

Fidelity Charitable has worked in collaboration with the Center for Disaster Philanthropy to provide the following list of organizations that are providing relief services to those affected by the Mississippi tornadoes. These organizations are highlighted because they can activate quickly, have the ability to incorporate a large influx of donations, and have an established record in disaster relief services. The organizations below are providing help in Mississippi and the surrounding region.

One way to support smaller, local nonprofits that are working on recovery regionally is to recommend a grant to a United Way or community foundation located in the area you wish to help. These organizations have strong ties to the communities they serve and understand the unique needs and challenges facing those communities. There are several listed below.

If you would like to recommend a grant to any of these charities, log in.

Debris removal, long-term housing, and rebuilding
Mississippi Rapid Response Coalition (Fiscal Sponsor: The People’s Advocacy Institute)
TIN: 822700169
Note: Donations can be made via The People’s Advocacy Institute
Learn more: Mississippi Rapid Response Coalition
Water, food, hygiene kits
Save the Children

Please note the organizations listed in this guidance do not represent the full list of organizations raising money for Mississippi tornado relief efforts. Fidelity Charitable has collaborated with the Center for Disaster Philanthropy to provide these organizations to donors for reference purposes only, and Fidelity Charitable does not endorse these organizations. All grant recommendations are subject to review and approval by the Fidelity Charitable Trustees.