Smoke coming from mountains

How to help: 2020 California wildfires

Updated September 4, 2020

California’s annual wildfire season started early in 2020 and fires have been burning with broad intensity across the state.  The 2020 fires already stand out from the last several devastating seasons; as of late August, more than 1.4 million acres had been consumed, 25 times more land than the previous August. The fires have plowed through everything from natural ecosystems to economic livelihoods; evacuations and recoveries have been further complicated by coronavirus fears.  Many fire-impacted Californians are wondering where and when they will feel safe.

How to help

In the immediate aftermath of a fire, recovery needs include shelter, food, evacuation support, family reconnection, health care and case management.  Longer term, residents need resources for rehousing, income recovery, agricultural support and assistance for vulnerable populations. Mental health and counseling services are also a significant need after so many years of intense burns.

Fidelity Charitable has collaborated with the Center for Disaster Philanthropy to provide the following list of organizations offering relief services for the California wildfires. These organizations are highlighted because they can incorporate a large influx of donations and have an established record in relief services.  While many national organizations are responding to the wildfires, Fidelity Charitable here is highlighting local and regional organizations supporting those in need.

Please note the organizations listed in this guidance do not represent the full list of organizations raising money for relief efforts for the California wildfires. Fidelity Charitable has collaborated with the Center for Disaster Philanthropy to provide these organizations to donors for reference purposes only, and Fidelity Charitable does not endorse these organizations. All grant recommendations are subject to review and approval by the Fidelity Charitable Trustees. Fidelity Charitable will communicate all grant designation recommendations for the California wildfire relief to grantees.