How to help: Afghanistan

How to help: Afghanistan

A humanitarian crisis is escalating across Afghanistan as the United States completes its withdrawal of troops after a 20-year presence. Political upheaval is displacing many Afghans and is creating risk for women and girls, and Afghans who collaborated with American forces. At the same time, the country is also facing an economic crisis, a collapsing health system and a drought that will increase already high rates of hunger. Given the growing crisis, many people are wondering: What can I do to help?

How to help

Areas of need in Afghanistan include support for refugee safety, women and girls, and basic humanitarian support. Fidelity Charitable has confirmed a list of charities working directly in support of those displaced or impacted by the crisis in the region.

In addition, watching the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan is having a negative impact on many U.S. military veterans and prompting an increased need for mental health services for veterans and their families. Fidelity Charitable has also confirmed charities specifically working for the care of these veterans.

Refugee safety

Advocacy to encourage the provision of safe passage, expanded eligibility for Special Immigrant Visas, and safe exit and resettlement for Afghan refugees in the U.S. and other countries

Support for women and girls

Direct support to frontline advocates for women and girls to support safety, security, and relocation as needed, as well as to organizations supporting girls’ education

Humanitarian support

Support throughout the country for internally displaced people, including food, water, shelter and safety

Support for veterans

Providing immediate and comprehensive mental health support to veterans

This list does not represent all of the U.S.-based charities supporting humanitarian and charitable efforts related to recent events in Afghanistan and is being provided to donors as a courtesy. Fidelity Charitable does not endorse or make representations as to the work completed by the organizations on this list. Fidelity Charitable strongly encourages donors to complete their own research to determine if these organizations align with their charitable giving mission