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2018 Giving Report

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More people than ever before are choosing to use donor-advised funds to plan their giving. The Fidelity Charitable Giving Report is a snapshot of our nearly 180,000 donors and how their impact on the charitable sector has grown.

Top trends from 2017


Donor generosity fuels new records in donor-recommended grants.

Fidelity Charitable made a record $4.5 billion in donor-recommended grants last year, a $1 billion year-over-year increase. Volumes also hit a new milestone in 2017: 1 million grants went to 127,000 different nonprofits.


$60M in disaster relief support across 21K grants

Icons showing 5 of 6 dollars went to disaster relief

5 out of 6

Disaster relief grant dollars went toward the 2017 Atlantic hurricanes, including Harvey and Maria

Tenfold increase in bitcoin donation dollars

After a year of rapid appreciation, bitcoin has become an increasingly popular way to fund charitable giving. Fidelity Charitable saw a surge of bitcoin donations at year-end, when the cryptocurrency's value peaked.

Read more about our record-setting year and how our donors are using philanthropy to make an impact.

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Additional insights

What is a donor-advised fund?

A donor-advised fund is a simple, flexible and tax-efficient way to give to your favorite charities while potentially growing your donations over time.

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Donor stories

These articles and videos highlight how Fidelity Charitable donors use their Giving Accounts to make more of a difference.

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The Future of Philanthropy

Our report shares how trends in philanthropy are impacting donors and explores the directions philanthropy may move in the future.

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How Fidelity Charitable can help

Since 1991, we have been a leader in charitable planning and giving solutions, helping donors like you support their favorite charities in smart ways.

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