Can I recommend how the grant will be used?

You may indicate to the recipient charity how you would like the grant to be used by including a special purpose when submitting the grant recommendation. Ultimately it is at the discretion of the recipient charity to determine how the funds will be used, but the charity can take into consideration your recommended use. After selecting a charity, reference the grant detail boxes to the right of the charity information. Below the "Amount" field, the "Use" drop-down offers a set of standard grant uses, or you may create your own by selecting "Create your own" and entering your custom special purpose.

Please note: If you add additional details, or create your own designation, a Fidelity Charitable representative will review the purpose you provide, and we may have to call the charity or you to make a determination on the approval of the grant. This can significantly slow down the process. Including a contact name and phone number for the charity does help.