What are the different categories of investment pools?

Fidelity Charitable offers a wide range of investment pool options for donors to choose from. Like with any investment strategy, diversifying assets in a Giving Account with a suitable asset allocation is critical to helping donors meet their specific charitable goals.

For those donors who want to customize an asset allocation in their Giving Account, Fidelity Charitable offers single asset class pools that can be combined in a variety of ways to help meet unique philanthropic goals. The key to this strategy is to revisit the asset allocation often and rebalance regularly. Our single asset class pools are truly part of an open architecture—we offer both passively and actively managed options and Fidelity and non-Fidelity managed options. Pool names ending in "Access" indicate those options that have underlying investments that are externally managed.

Our sustainable and impact investing pools can also be used as building blocks for a broader asset allocation for those donors who want exposure to strategies that consider social and environmental factors, while also emphasizing financial returns.

For donors who prefer a simpler option, asset allocation pools offer instant diversification among multiple asset classes. Donors choose the appropriate risk level—ranging from conservative to aggressive—and the pool will be managed against a target asset allocation and automatically rebalanced for them. Donors interested in this all-in-one option can utilize the Pool Selector, an online tool that simplifies the decision process for allocations in your Giving Account.

The Charitable Legacy Pool is an "all-weather" asset allocation option that goes beyond traditional equity, bond and short-term investment allocations. The pool seeks to provide inflation-adjusted returns while preserving capital through various market cycles and is meant to match a donor’s consistent grant-making.

For additional information on each investment pool option, please visit our Investment Options page.