How long will it take for the grant I recommended to be processed?

Grant recommendations typically take 2–10 business days to be processed and are subject to approval by the Fidelity Charitable Trustees.

The time and due diligence necessary to process a grant recommendation may vary based on the grantee or use of the grant. We may need to request additional information from the charity, and the responsiveness of the charity can affect processing times, so including a contact name and phone number for the charity when entering your grant recommendation could help accelerate this step. Selecting "Where It Is Needed Most" as the grant use can also help expedite the processing of the grant recommendation and gives charities the most flexibility to use the grant in the way that they see fit.

During peak activity periods, processing of grant recommendations may take longer than normal. You can track the status of your grant recommendations in your grant history, but please be aware that it may take up to 30 minutes for the grant to appear at the top of your history.

Please note: We are experiencing delays in charities receiving grant checks due to COVID-19 disruptions with the postal service and the inability of some nonprofits to retrieve checks. If your recommended recipient charity is interested in enrolling in EFT to help them receive approved grants quicker, please direct them to our "working with us" page to learn more.