What if the address Fidelity Charitable has on file for my charity is different from the address I have for them?

Some charities have provided us with their preferred addresses to receive checks and letters with grant details. We use this address to ensure faster issuing of the grant.

For other charities, if you think we do not have the most current mailing address on file, you can propose a different address for the charity by clicking the "charity details" link on your charity list when entering your grant recommendation. If you provide us with an updated address, we will conduct research to confirm what the best mailing address is before sending a check. Including a contact name and phone number for the charity if you have one could help expedite this research process.

For many charities, it is more efficient for the funds to be sent electronically. When charities enroll in the EFT program with Fidelity Charitable, we do not need an address from you because we have information for the charity’s bank account, where we send all grants.

If the charity you would like to grant to is not enrolled in EFT, direct them to our page for charities.